Stealing with Credit

Lately, people seem satisfied with “borrowing” another site’s content and giving a link back to the site the content was taken from. But what is about giving credit that makes people think it’s okay to copy? Few, if any, want their content taken and displayed on another site. Most site owners write their content themselves. They have spent the time researching and writing their own content. They don’t want their work to show up anywhere else, with or without credit.

But people seem to have this crazy notion that as long as they give credit, it’s fine. I have personally asked several people, upon submission to this site, if they actually asked the owner if it was okay to use their content. The answer every time? No. Maybe they realize that if they asked, the site owner would almost certainly say no.

Think about it. If you go to all the trouble of writing your own summary of each HP book, are you going to be thrilled to see three different people ripping it off? Even with a link back? I doubt it.

Some people may not agree that this is stealing. But at the minimum it should be agreed that it shows a lack of originality. You may as well just link to someone else’s site (which actually happens more often then you might think) if you’re not going to bother to write your own content.

Be original. It can be done, no matter the topic. Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a lot of sites that are simply clones of other sites with different graphics.

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