Fanfiction archives for Harry Potter based works.

» Coffee and Chocolate

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Recs site, with a focus on general and canon-friendly fiction. Regularly updated.

» DracoAndGinny.com

Large archive just for Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley fanfiction.

» Fiction Alley

Houses a large collection of HP fanfic, separated into different categories based on type of story. Also features helpful forums for discussion of fanfiction and the series in general.

» Granger Enchanted

Granger Enchanted started off as a Hermione Centric Fic Archive and rapidly morphed into a fansite, including Enchanted (Hermione), Pure Arrogance(Malfoy) and We Solemnly Swear..(Marauders Era). We aim to provide high quality HP fiction in a moderated setting.

» Harry Potter Fanfiction

One of the best and most popular HP fanfiction sites. Welcome to any genre and ship.

» Hawthorn and Vine

A fanfiction archive for Draco and Hermione.

» Know it Alls

A Harry Potter rec site covering a wide variety of pairings and genres.

» Portkey

A fanfiction site mostly devoted to Harry/Herrmione, but also featuring Ron/Luna, Lily/James and Draco/Ginny stories.

» Sink Into Your Eyes

A large and ever growing archive of Harry/Ginny fanfic.

» The Hidden Tower

Site featuring mostly Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione works by authors who run the site – but also houses a small collection of other great stories.

» The Sugar Quill

A fanfiction site dedicated to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione among other ships.

» The Unknowable Room

A growing Harry Potter fan fiction archive, with a high standard of fiction. Lots of MWPP-era and James/Lily fiction.