Fansites for the series as a whole.

» Blog of a Pottermore Beta

A blog written by a Pottermore beta who shares tidbits and news about the site.

» Expecto Patronum!

A general Harry Potter blog with focus on the Pottermore experience.

» Harry Potter Fanzone

Australian based Harry Potter fan site. Our site joins up with Mugglenet, Hpana and more for events!

» Harry Potter Wiki

A wiki for the Harry Potter series.

» HarryPotterLa.com

General Harry Potter site with mini-sites for the main cast members. In Spanish.

» JK Rowling Fan

A JK Rowling Fan Site with loads of information, thousands of pictures, forums, and more!

» Magical Menagerie

A great Harry Potter fansite with all the latest news, a great gallery full of graphics and other pictures, wonderful information and a forum!

» Mugglenet

A popular HP site that has the latest news and information on the series.

» Spectacles

Wolfen Moondaughter’s Harry Potter art, fanfiction, articles, and photos.

» The Leaky Cauldron

Features news, exclusive interviews and editorials.

» Wizard News

A good resource of Harry Potter news that is sometimes overlooked by other news sites.