RP Games

Role playing games taking place within the Harry Potter universe.

» Absit Omen

This is a Harry Potter RPG for the role-player who wants a canon-verse, consistency, longevity and a friendly, engaging community. Play at Hogwarts, the Ministry, or anywhere in the adult world - there's excitement to be found in every corner of Absit Omen.

» Fear the Fall

An alternate universe Marauder’s Era role-play. Out of the chaos of the wizarding world nearly going extinct rose two kingdoms, ruled by two of the most famous founding families of Hogwarts. The Cor Leonis Kingdom, ruled by King Gryffindor and the Serpenete Kingdom ruled by the Slytherins and the Gaunts. The world in which this takes place still has James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus and their lives are very much entwined.

» Instituto Durmstrang

Durmstrang institute is an interpretative RPG of Harry Potter that takes place in the year 2020. Counting with a large plot and universe that englobes the schools of magic and wizardry of Europe.

» Magical Hogwarts

Magical Hogwarts is a Harry Potter RPG taking place after the events of the books and movies. Magical Hogwart’s world is expansive allowing for adult and student characters from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Seasoned veterans as well as novice roleplayers are welcome.

» Mahoutokoro School of Magic

An original, highly alternate universe Japan-based Harry Potter role-play, Mahoutokoro School of Magic offers a wide range of character options, a relaxed staff team, an easy-going playing environment, and a homey community. There are virtually no reigns on creativity in place at all, and members are free to explore the wonders of Harry's world, alongside the mysticism of Japanese legend and myth.

» Mudblood

Mudblood is a Post-Canon Harry Potter RP set in the Year 2117 where the lines between the Muggle and the Magical worlds are being blurred. Now that Muggles know the secret, they are doing everything to be at par with magic. With a cold war going on, what will light the fuse and make everything come crashing down?