This is a Harry Potter Web Directory open to all quality Harry Potter sites. The aim of this site is to make it easy for you to find HP sites for any topic. Anyone is welcome to submit a site here, whether you own the site you submit or not. This is meant to be the most useful directory for HP sites, and that can only be accomplished if everyone helps build it.

Site Info

This site is run by Kate and is a part of WalkingThere.net. Originally named Wizarding World, it was owned and maintained by Jenn and Jennifer from a now defunct Harry/Ginny fansite. I offered to take it over when they were no longer interested in running it. Thank you to both of you for letting me run it!

Current Layout

The current layout features the colors of the Gryffindor house of Hogwarts. All graphics and coding were done by me.

Thanks, WordPress

This site would not be possible without WordPress and the wonderful plugins provided by an excellent community.


I’m not affiliated with JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, or anyone or anything related to Harry Potter. This site is a non-profit fansite.

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t list my site here, so why is it here?

Some links here were added by myself or other visitors. If your link is here and you’d like to change something (like the description) then feel free to submit a link edit form. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want your site here at all, use the same form and let me know. If you would like to link back to the site, I would greatly appreciate it.

What happened to the buttons for each site?

To streamline maintenance of the website and make things look more organized, I decided to drop the buttons from the listings.

Why wasn’t my site added?

The most common reasons a site is not added is because it was either a hosted site (like a forum on Proboards) or the site had taken content from another site (usually the HP-Lexicon).
Now that there is no longer a huge volume of site submissions anymore, I try to email everyone who applies whether they are accepted or not. If you did not get an email, then it’s possible I never got your application so feel free to submit again.

What script is used for this site?

This site is powered by WordPress which certainly isn’t a link directory script (it’s for blogs, but really can be used for anything). None of the link directory scripts currently available do exactly what I need for this site, so WordPress does the job quite well.

Why are there inactive sites here?

Since the end of the book series, many fansites have simply retired and gone into archive mode. There is still lots of good content to be found on these sites so they will not be removed. Only sites that are deleted or have a broken address will be removed.

Other Questions?

Feel free to ask!

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